On Line Dating IQ

I was unmarried between 1988 and 2001. During that period I used dating services since before online dating even existed and online services starting with Love@AOL and beyond. I met a wonderful man this way in 1995, became engaged to him, and saw him die from complications of a bone marrow transplant; all within a … More On Line Dating IQ

The Illogic of Objection to the Birth Control Insurance Mandate

There is no logic to objecting to the mandate that health insurance must include free birth control coverage, and this blog will demonstrate that. There are so many ways to do so, that I needn’t even consider the debate over whether certain forms of birth control can be considered abortion or not. For the record, … More The Illogic of Objection to the Birth Control Insurance Mandate

What’s up with the police?

http://aattp.org/unarmed-iowa-teen-slain-by-police-after-chase-told-by-dispatch-to-stop-gun-justice-part-2/ Protect and Serve… innocent until proven guilty… that’s what the police were designed to do and to enforce. When did they skip the presumption of innocence and become the perpetrators of crimes against citizens in an effort to protect themselves? And how can we change it back to the way it should be?  I get … More What’s up with the police?